Cables & Adapters

Cables & Adapters

Cables & Adapters

To connect our ADS-B receivers with antennas and GPS modules we offer extension cables and adapters.

Please note that our receivers provide N, SMA, MCX or BNC connectors and a distinct connector is required for any cable.

As cables and connectors add to the overall attenuation of the receiver they should be carefully selected to avoid a loss of sensitivity and range. Very long cables should be operated together with our active antenna "Active Diapason".

Should an adapter not be available in our shop, please drop us a message.

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Cable N (male) - SMA (male)

Product no.: 70400

Recommended as antenna cable to connect the "A3 ADS-B" Antenna.
Available length: 5 m, 10 m and 15 m.

from 25.47 € *
In stock

Cable SMA (male) - SMA (male)

Product no.: 70100

Recommended as antenna cable between "Active Diapason" Antenna and Bias Tee
Available length: 5 m, 10 m, 20 m

from 15.95 € *
In stock

Cable SMB (female) - SMB (male)

Product no.: 70500

Recommended as extension cable for GPS Antenna (SMB - SMB)
Available length: 5 m and 10 m

from 11.90 € *
In stock

SMA/MCX Pigtail Cable Extension 15 cm

Product no.: 67303

Short adapter cable from SMA (female) to MCX (male) - connects antennas with SMA plug (male) to our ADS-B Dongles

6.95 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 0.03 kg

N/SMA Adapter

Product no.: 67225

Adapter N-male/ SMA-female - connects a SMA/SMA extension cable to the "A3 ADS-B" Antenna

7.62 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 0.05 kg

SMA/MCX Adapter

Product no.: 67230

SMA (female)/ MCX (male) - adapter for connecting a SMA aerial to our ADS-B Dongle

2.98 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 0.02 kg

IEC/MCX Adapter

Product no.: 67231

IEC (female) / MCX (male) adapter for our ADS-B Dongle for using with available TV cablesin 75 ohm.

2.98 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 0.02 kg

Self Sealing Tape

Product no.: 67901

Self sealing tape for antenna connectors to prevent them for water diffusion.

2.50 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 0.02 kg
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