Sensor Stations


jetvision Sensor Stations are the industrial grade integration of our Radarcape and available for use outdoor, industrial environment and even in the fields.

The Sensor Station has all features of our Radarcape including a connectivity to the Jetvision Flight Tracking Network.

Available Versions

Special Needs

Our Sensor Stations are scalable on customers demand. Please contact us (


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Sensor Station Outdoor with FLARM and LTE Router

Product no.: 66100FL
12,197.50 *

Sensor Station Indoor with FLARM and LTE Router

Product no.: 66150FL
11,043.20 *

Sensor Station small with LTE Router

Product no.: 66175L
8,841.70 *

Sky Unit Single (10")

Product no.: 66300
11,898.81 *

Sky Unit Double (19")

Product no.: 66350
11,898.81 *

Sensor Station Mobile with FLARM and LTE Router

Product no.: 66250FL
11,898.81 *
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