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Yagi 1090 MHz Antenna

Yagi 1090 MHz Antenna

Over the christmas holiday our Radarcape demo station has got a new yagi towards Munich airport EDDM/MUC in order to improve the tracking of ground traffic. The airport is around 30 km east from the location of Jetvision headquarters but a not fully free line of sight. The Radarcape demo station for this purpose is equipped with the 2 channel antenna diversity Radarcape. Such a Radarcape-2CH is equipped with two independant antenna inputs, one connected to an omni directional A3-ADSB antenna. The second input is connected to a home made 2.5m long yagi antenna.

Because there are no such long yagis for ADS-B on the market our Jetvision member Guenter has constructed this experiemental light weight (1kg), 2.5m long yagi 1090 MHz antenna with 27 elements. Its gain is 16.5dB (18.7dBi). This, within our experience, will truely be reached. In order not to be obstructed by other metallic elements on the mast the yagi is mounted on a bracket. Due to the light weight design mounting was even possible during a local storm.

The result of this is a drastic improve of the track of ground based vehicles at the airport, for example snow plowing trucks during winter time. The antenna also extends the range of the Radarcape demo towards east, where regularily 450 km distant aircraft can be observed. There is still some room for improvement, vehicles that are hidden between the buildings may be trackable with some more gain and picking up reflections. For that purpose an even longer yagi, with some 5-6m length, is in our thought.

If there is interest, we are willing to create these yagis as commerical products for customers, too. Please let us know on our support line (

Ground traffic on Munich airport while cleaning the runway at January 17th, 2018

EDDM Ground View ADS-B with Yagi 1090 MHz

















Antennas at Jetvision headquarters:
Center: 2.5m long Yagi antenna, Very left: A3-ADSB for Radarcape demo, Very right: Active Diapason for Flightradar24 and for FLARM (dl4mea), unused experimental antenna.

Yogi 1090 MHz high gain