miniADSB & SDR Kits


Mode-S, ADS-B flight data reception and SDR (software defined radio) with our proofed kits.

To learn the details of the new ADS-B technology a combination of a miniADSB frontend and a picADSB9 processing circuit is the ideal entry. The miniADSB kit comes with a SAW and LNA frontend and a logarithmic detector. The picADSB9 provides an A/D-converter and a USB interface.

Assembly instructions and hints for putting the devices into operation are available for both the miniADSB and picADSB9 kits.

Both kits require skill in soldering of electronic components including SMD parts down to size 1206 and 0805.

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Genuine "miniADSB" kit

Product no.: 99009

A complete kit of the genuine miniADSB 1090 MHz RF frontend, incl. PCB, all piece parts and case with BNC plug.

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BUNDLE: "SDR-RX" Kit + SDR-Dongle (TCXO 0.5 ppm)

Product no.: 46085

This bundle contains the "SDR-RX" Kit and the SDR-Dongle (TCXO 0.5 ppm) to built an ADS-B receiver

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Delivery weight: 600 g
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