jetvision MLAT Server

jetvision MLAT Server

If you have requirements to observe a defined monitoring airspace with private access to the data only, then an exclusive dedicated or licensed MLAT Server is your solution. A brief description about Multilateration (MLAT) you find in our Blog.
Start with a minimum of three Radarcapes and connect them to your own MLAT server. All ADS-B and MLAT data can be retrieved by various interfaces, and you have all the powerful features described below.

MLAT Server Overview

Server Features:

  • Multilateration (MLAT) capability, starting with 3 Radarcapes
  • Web interface to the server
  • Get real time tracking data from the complete network incl. MLAT data, also for ADS-B aircrafts
  • Remote access to the server
  • MLAT server provides JSON, Port 30003 and JSON streaming services in the same way and format as every Radarcape

Forms of Usage:

  • Air traffic observation for a defined monitoring area
  • Airfield observation
  • Noise measurements of air traffic
  • Ground traffic observation on an airport
  • Verifying ADS-B data
  • Prevent ADS-B spoofing

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Flight tracking data stream for customer owned sensors
Complemented by Jetvision Flight Tracking Network Sensors
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