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Jetvision is a registered trademark of Günter Köllner Embedded Development GmbH. Jetvision stands for a team of highly motivated developers, technicians and support staff that has been played a leading role in the development and distribution of ADS-B receivers for years.

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After our owner and CEO Günter Köllner has laid the foundation for a comprehensive development of ADS-B receivers in 2010, the company has since became globally recognized for the development and production of high performance ADS-B receivers, high-precision multilateration (MLAT) server systems and customized special solutions.

Since everything is in one house, the whole process from the hardware and software development to the distribution itself is under one control. Our special experience is quick modifications and developing high performance solutions.

Many thousands of delivered ADS-B receivers and antennas stand for quality and know-how. Well-known customers are Flightradar24, FlightAware, OpenSky Network and Planevision Systems, but also government organizations from various countries. Of course, many thousands of home users have given us their trust.